Governance & Rewards

The $MTCR token is the utility token of the MetaCryp Network, availing users the opportunity to bask in the numerous features that our metaverse offers. Every token holder has the right to participate in the DAO. Decision-making will be allocated based on the participants ownership of the $MTCR token.

Our native token allows governance privileges. The voting rights and decision-making will be tiered based on cumulative holdings of the governance tokens. Hence the more the token, the more the voting power.

Our native BEP20 token does not only represent voting rights on the platform but also access to scalable transactions and activities in our metaverse.

Unlocking effects

With the $MTCR token, it is easy to access the gates of our metaverse and the intriguing elements.

Governance effects

Holding the $MTCR token also confers a level of governance rights on users.

Reward system

The $MTCR token will reward different behaviours and activities in the metaverse.